Beautifying our Garden with Butterflies

My students are a beautiful mix of focused young people.Through the school's mission, 90% of my students will graduate to post-secondary education. In order to maintain these high expectations, the students deserve to learn in a manner that best fits their learning style. While diversity is not apparent on the surface, as 99.1% of the students are African American, my students are very diverse in their learning styles. They strive to succeed inside and outside of the classroom and deserve the learning tools to do so. Hands-on tools are essential for my STEAM club students in understanding the intricate workings of the garden and the organisms that interact with the garden.

The green team and STEAM club are working to create a beautiful community garden for the school. This year, we wanted to add a butterfly garden to our garden beds and spread awareness to the students and staff members. Our goal is to create butterfly garden seed packets that are informational. We will pass the packets out to the students and staff at school to explain the purpose of the garden and how to create your own garden. We will also take photos as our caterpillar larvae turn into butterflies and create an exhibit for the school. This initiative is part of our district's Green Apple Day of Service.


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