Earth Force Chesapeake: Entrepreneurial Club Plant Sale

June 01, 2019

Students from the Green Entrepreneurship Class and the Green Cooking Club at IDEA learn about sustainable urban gardening practices, grow their own food for cooking classes, and research and develop innovative solutions for environmental challenges like watershed management. Our students would like to showcase their learning in entrepreneurship, gardening, and nutrition by holding a plant and vegetable sale, which will also help educate the larger school community about how urban agriculture can help protect watersheds. Student will use what they have learned in class about marketing, budgeting, and the entrepreneurial mindset. They will also create and manufacture many items for the sale that they have determined to be profitable. Proceeds will support a field trip to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to learn about habitat restoration in their community and to support other student-led green initiatives at school, such as expanding native plant beds and growing additional items for cooking club.


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Reduced environmental impact
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