Fueling Change for Our Future

May 31, 2019

Students must have access to rich, hands-on lab activities in order to understand how real science works and how real scientists solve important problems. These laboratory opportunities will not only give students the opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments, they will also enable students to investigate current scientific issues like global warming, pollution, and alternative energy.

Earth and Environmental Science cannot be learned in a lecture!

These labs will allow students to get out of the classroom, collect samples around their school, measure, analyze, and ultimately evaluate the environmental impacts humans are making on the world and solutions to those impacts.

These labs will give students the opportunity to investigate issues that will affect their future like air quality and sustainable fuel. Using the Tropospheric Ozone Kit Lab from Carolina Biological Supply, students will get to evaluate the current air quality around their school. Additionally, students will also get the opportunity to create and assess biofuels with the Carolina Biological Supply Biomass to Biofuel: Grasses for Ethanol Production Lab Kit. Students will get to explore biofuels as a possible solution for a future sustainable fuel source and see how this could ultimately relate to and improve air quality.


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