Go Green - Reducing disposable water bottles and coffee cups

June 14, 2019

Our Environmental Club here at Sentinel High School would like to apply for the Green Apple Day of Service grant. This year’s environmental goal focuses on water conservation and sustainability. After an extensive brainstorming session, we hoped to use this money to purchase 100 - 16 oz coffee flasks/water bottles from Hydroflask. Using school equipment, students will learn how to engrave these Hydroflask bottles with our Eco Club logo and sustainable pledge. This will promote water conservations and sustainability every time someone sees our logo and pledge. Once engraved we will donate these to students who will use them at the water fountains and help reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles and cups. In addition, our school’s coffee cart is willing to give students who use these reusable bottles a discount on coffee since they do not have to use the disposable paper coffee cups.

To measure our success, we will collect data in a number of different ways. Eco Club will monitor how many disposable water bottles are sold by our school’s Spartamart prior to donation. In addition, we will monitor how many disposable coffee cups are used per week. Finally, we will monitor our schools water fountain/filling stations to hopefully see an increase in use. After 2 months, we will collect the data and analyze our results. We hope to make a life long impact in the lives of students in and out of school.


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