Northeastern University Sustainability Service Mapping

September 18, 2019

Northeastern is a very urban campus. Campus is incredibly pedestrian, cyclist, and commuter friendly by the Green, Orange, and Commuter rail lines. However, bicycle parking is notoriously full and difficult to find. Much of the parking is located at dorms, where students do not have bicycles because they can walk to school. Campus bicycle infrastructure maps are outdated and many of the bicycle racks do not have two points of contact. In order to improve bicycle infrastructure on campus our team set out in 4 waves of volunteers to use the ArcMAP GIS Collector App on our cellular devices to geographically tag bicycle rack locations. At each bicycle rack location we identified the type of rack, how many bicycles could park there, what the closest building was, and if it was covered or not. This campus map was donated to campus facilities so they may update their maps accordingly. We are working on integrating it to the NUGo app.


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