SUSTAINABILITY MOVEMENT- Nermine Ismael International School

October 27, 2018

A team of volunteers from Dar Al Handasah - Cairo office Joined the Sustainability Movement 2018 Campaign to work on a Sustainability & Environmental awareness project at "Nermine Ismael International School" . The team worked on a set plan to provide the largest possible impact on the Students. The day of service starts with an interactive presentation covering the main environmental and sustainability opportunities encountered on a daily basis, followed by a hands-on activity to motivate students to become future green leaders.


Students attended


Staff attended


Additional Volunteers attended


Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Improved occupant health & performance
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy
Reduce landfill waste

Impact of project

Environmental and habitat restoration
Energy and/or water conservation
Waste reduction
Educated on sustainable skills and practices
Educated on sustainability knowledge

More impact of project

The event started with an interactive presentation which ensured the students have an understanding on the energy and how to THINK GREEN & ACT GREEN. The students then were distributed in to smaller groups to work on three hands on activities focusing on: Renewable Energy, Waste Reuse & Planting.

Activity 1: (Renewable Energy) Students participated in preparing a simple mobile charger circuit using solar panels and wires.

Activity2: (Recycling) Students formed a sortation waste barrels using Plastic bottles , the end product was used to collect the massive plastic waste of the water bottles and transform them into the recycling station.

Activity 3: (PLANTING) Planting in old tires, students formed out of the old decorated tires a flower bed and then planted a selection of Native plants.

The event ended by a briefing session were all participating students received a certificate for participation for the great involvement and commitment.