Into the Woods Learning Area at Chadwick Elementary School

April 27, 2019

Join Grimm + Parker Architects, the Chadwick Elementary School community, and Baltimore County Public Schools (and friends) on Saturday, April 27th 9 am - early afternoon to improve a wooded area and transform it into an Outdoor Learning Area. Students, staff, neighbors are welcome to help volunteers build benches around trees, make gadget boards, musical instrument panels, sorting tables, and more! There's also going to be plenty of opportunity to get creative with paint for decorating tree stump seating and birdhouses.

The Design and Construction Team (G+P, JMT, JPA, MK Consulting, SDC, and others) are excited to make this temporary outdoor learning area come to life so that students have a place to learn while the new replacement Chadwick Elementary School is under construction for the next two years. We welcome all volunteers to help build and decorate these features and/or donations for supplies and snacks.


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Improved occupant health & performance
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy

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Environmental and habitat restoration
Increased physical activity