Where we learn matters

Green Apple is a global movement to put all children in schools where they have clean and healthy air to breathe, where energy and resources are conserved, and where they can be inspired to dream of a brighter future. Learn more »

About Green Apple

Where We Learn Matters

Importa mucho donde uno aprende
משנה לי איפה אנחנו לומדים
Ce qu'on apprend a de l'importance
مكان العلم مهم4>

About Green Apple

With more than 700 million students worldwide and a quarter of all Americans entering a school building each day, there is no questioning the enormity and urgency of the task before us. Instead of walking into places of opportunity, millions enter buildings where the air they breathe is filled with toxins and mold, where classrooms are poorly lit and overcrowded, and where resources are limited and outdated. Too many of our children are learning in buildings that are compromising their health and ability to succeed.

Our kids deserve better. Where they learn matters.

Green Apple gives individuals, companies and organizations the opportunity to transform all our schools into healthy, safe, cost-efficient and productive learning places. The Green Apple initiative is powered by volunteers who participate in community-based efforts; promoted by media partners, like-minded NGOs and high-profile ambassadors; and funded by corporate partners who contribute a portion of proceeds or make a substantial sponsorship donation and receive the right to use the Green Apple mark to show their association with and support of the Green Apple initiative.

For decades, apples have been rooted in American tradition as a symbol of education. But where did this tradition come from? The apple’s tie to education originated in Denmark and Sweden in the 1700s when poor families gave teachers apples in place of traditional payment. Americans adopted this practice in the 1920s and to this day, apples are common gifts given to teachers as a sign of gratitude. An apple has become a popular icon used in the U.S. and beyond to represent education. In creating a brand to advance healthy, safe and efficient schools for children throughout the world, the green apple was a natural choice.

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About the Center for Green Schools

The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is the organization behind the Green Apple movement, working to ensure that every student has the opportunity to attend a green school within this generation. The Center provides the resources and support to elevate dialogue, accelerate policy and institute innovation toward healthy, high-performing schools and campuses. The Center works directly with staff, teachers, faculty, students, administrators, elected officials and communities to drive the transformation of all schools into sustainable places to live and learn, work and play.

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