The Courtyards @ FDA "The Photographic Journey"

My students are inner-city youth confronted with many obstacles, both on and off campus. They are determined, toughened, and raw, but they also dream. They want better for themselves and their families. A challenge brings out the best in each of them and they crave those types of opportunities. Changes in population and economics have had a major impact on the lives of our community. Some of these changes have resulted in the erosion of housing and population, loss of an economic foundation and the invasion of negative cultural forces. To that extent, we strive to become the beacon of hope and change within the community.

With the photographic options we have asked for, we will be able to develop and tell our story of the place-based projects and events that enrich our students service-learning efforts.

We will be able to explore place-based education as an instructional approach and how it includes and builds on past experiences by reflecting on what we see and hear! We will photograph celebrations, exhibitions and educational experiences that will serve as “anchors” for interdisciplinary collaboration as we re-invent our outdoor spaces.

The photos and videos these items will provide will be a focal point of our collaborative work this year and build reciprocal responsibilities for our student team.

Student driven inquiry with photographic support will focus on the Courtyards and the surrounding community, Rouge Park, and our watershed and its connection to larger Lakes issues and systems.

At every opportunity, students will take a leadership role in project development and editing material gathered through the items we have requested.

Finally, this will help us grow our place-based and eco-justice efforts to meet our students’ learning needs.


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