Let's Save and Help Earth

June 07, 2019

This project allows students to learn about the importance of reusing and saving money. With Earth Day just around the corner, why not learn about why reusing also helps save money. These items will be used immediately. Many steps that consumers can take to save money can also have a positive impact on the environment. The tote bags will be used by students but it is safe to say the bags are not always taken. Students will keep a record of the times they use the tote bag and the time they purchase a one-time use bag. The graph will work as a visual where students will chart how many bags are purchased on a weekly basis and how many times the tote bag was used. This graph will demonstrate how much money can be saved while also proving reusing will not only save money but help Earth.


Students attended


Staff attended


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Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy
Reduce landfill waste