Painting to Play! Creating an Imaginative Outdoor Playscape at Hyattsville Elementary School

November 09, 2019

Grimm and Parker Architects is partnering with Hyattsville Elementary School staff and the PTA to re-imagine the paved play area with painted games, murals, and learning activities.

To take advantage of the plentiful paved area, volunteers will be able to create an imaginative playscape that encourages movement, helps to designate various activity areas, and offers learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Volunteers will also be able to help transform an existing planter into a rock box for the PK program in addition to creating a designated chalkboard wall art area.


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Students will be impacted this year

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Improved occupant health & performance
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy

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Increased physical activity

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“This is incredibly awesome!
Thank you all so much for your time and dedication to this project!
The children will be so excited to see their upgraded playground.”
- Teresa Bey, Principal

“So epically amazing! I can't wait to see it in person tomorrow and to see the kiddos' reactions on Tuesday! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, planning and organizing, and love for our students. It's truly a work of heART. “
- Annique Roy, 4th grade teacher

The blacktop looks amazing! It's equal parts colorful, artistic, educational, and interactive! The students are going to LOVE it and have so much fun playing on it! Thank you to ALL who made this possible! You have truly brightened the lives of all of our students and many more to come. “
- Duff Durkin, Assistant Principal

“Beautiful! What amazing talent to brighten and liven up the playground!”
- Jessica Ziegler, parent