Two Green Thumbs Up

August 22, 2019

Help me give my students a chance to earn their green thumbs with garden beds!

My students love being outdoors and getting their hands dirty. A growing interest in gardening has led them to ask if we can plant fruits and vegetables. They have learned a lot about plants through education they have received inside the classroom; however, the best way to learn is through authentic experiences. One of the most important materials we are missing to bring this dream to fruition is a garden bed.

Growing vegetables will help my students connect to nature and learn how to care for living things.
This project will give them the chance to take the background knowledge they have learned in class and apply it through hands-on experiences. They will watch the seeds they sow sprout and grow into ripe vegetables, which they will then harvest. The harvested crops will be used by the students for snack and meal preparation; therefore, gardening will lend itself to learning healthy eating habits. Growing food is a life-sustaining skill that will serve the children well into their adult lives.


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